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Our Teaching and Travel Links Directory features the best sites around the world for teaching and travel related information.  We are certain by visiting these sites you will be inspired to head abroad to pursue your own teaching and/or travel adventure!

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2 Backpackers (Jason & Aracely have a wonderful backpacking travel blog that inspires travel)
360 Global Travel (Global travel around the world.  This is your top notch guide & resource)

Ace City Guide (Comprehensive guides outlining the top attractions in select cities around the world)
A Dangerous Business
 (Amanda’s wonderful travel blog focussed on great stories and photos)
ADayTrip.com (Why not take a day trip.  This is the travel blog that will make you happy)
Adventures with Dan (Few travellers are more adventurous than around the world Dan)
Adventure Travel Blog (Few travel blogs offer more adventurous stories, advice and tips)
Adventure Travel & Hiking (Adventure Strong takes you on a journey to explores the world, one trail at a time)
Adventure Vacations Blog (For those on a vacation seeking adventure and thrills)   
Africa Travel Blog
 (For the best information available on travel in Africa these days)
All Colores (A travel blog celebrating the best things in life to experience while travelling)
All Over The Map
 (For the traveller who does not stay in just one place.  All over the map)
America Culture and Attractions Travel Blog
 (America has wonderful culture & attractions)
Am I There Yet? (Stuart and Eloise, travel around the world with a sense of purpose and passion)
A Place To Search (In some ways we’re all searching for a place to call home on the road)
Arctic Nomad (One of our favourite travel blogs for wonderful stories and photography)
Around Cambodia (When it comes to travel in Cambodia this site has you covered & more)
Asia Travel Tales (Compelling travel tales, stories, tips and advice from all over Asia)    
Aspiring Backpacker (If one aspires to travel and backpack around the world this is the site)
Audrey’s and Samuel’s Travel Videos (Awesome travel videos from Samuel and Audrey)
Aussie on the Road (This Aussie just loves being on the road and exploring around the world)
A Year in Australia (Why not take a gap year?  If you do consider doing it in Australia)

Backpacker Bali (For you ultimate guide to travel and adventure in Bali, Indonesia)
Backpacker Crush
 (Want to find the most drool worthy backpackers out there?)
Backpacking Spirit (Budget Backpacking tips – the world is for exploring)
Backpacking Travel Year (Taking a year off to travel the world and experience life to the max)
Banana Roti (Beyond just bananas this travel site will allow you to take a big out of life)        
Beers & Beans (Beers and Beans is such a treat.  They’re top notch travel bloggers)
Best Shopping Destinations (Scouting the top destinations to shop for the intrepid traveler)
Best Travel Blogs (This site outlines all of the best travel blog and travel sites in the world)  
Blondie at Worldz End (A phenomenal travel blog that encourages rtw travel)              
Budget Travel Intentions (For the frugal traveller who would rather save than spend)
Budget Travel Tips  (This is the best resource for budget travel tips for all kinds of different budgets)

Canucking Abroad (For the Canadian traveller abroad and back home.  Great info here)
Career Gap Year – Considering taking a career gap year to travel the world
Couples Vacations (Wicked advice for couples seeking vacations around the world)         
Creative Escape  (What’s the most creative escape you can ever imagine?  Dream on big)          
Ctrl Alt Travel (Travel can be easy and fun.  Just get up and do it and enjoy life)
Cultural Travel Blog (Culture and travel go hand in hand.  Find out why on this travel blog)
Culture Shapers (Cultural travel that will shape the course of all backpackers on the road)

Departing Melbourne (Holiday planning guides and wonderful travel narrative on this blog)
Don’t Fly Go
 (Hit the road without flying.  It’s a challenge anyone can take these days)
Don’t Stop Living (A travel blog that will help you pursue a life of travel and adventure)

Earn Money While You Travel (You can earn while you travel.  Find out how with this site)
Easy Travel
 (Travel is not a chore.  It’s easy once you get out on the road and get going)
England and UK Travel Guide (A great guide to travel in England and the UK)
ESL and Travel Site For Teachers (The best information related to teaching and traveling)
E Travel Blog (The E Travel Blog is one that offers a wealth of information and tips)
Eurail Travels  (Travel Europe by train.  The phenomenal journey can begin right now)
European Travel Advisor (When travelling in Europe consult this site for top advice)
Explore Midlands – For travel in the Midlands, UK
Explored Planet  (Exploring the world step by step on this travel blog)
Exploring America Travel Guide (For those keen on exploring America as backpackers)

Family Friendly Adventure (Because family friendly fun is always an adventure)      
Film & Travel (The best in travel and film.  Inspiring choices to watch on the road)
Flip Nomad
 (A nomad with perpetually itchy feet.  He’s always on the road having fun)
FoXnoMad (Anil is a passionate traveller who is on an indefinite journey around the world)

Gap Year Extreme (Taking a gap year and living life to the extreme is an experience you won’t forget)
Geriatric Traveller
 (Get up an globe.  This advice applies for the geriatric travellers as well)
Global Nomads (Few global nomads out there have as much fun as this lovely duo)
Going Abroad (Going abroad for pleasure, fun and to meet new friends on the road)
Go World Travel Guide (An extensive world travel guide covering world travel)
Green Travel
 (Travel for the green environmental type.  You’ll get solid info here)         
Groove Traveler
  (Groove travel magazine will share the hottest spots for events and music)      
Grounded Traveler (The traveller who is resilient.  This type is never caught off the mark)

Helen in Wonderlust (Check out Helen’s wonderful and inspiring travel blog)
Holiday Backpack
 (For the traveller who is about to go on a holiday or backpacking trip)
Holidays in Egypt
 (Egypt is a country that is a gem to explore.  Go.  Explore.  Love.)
Holiday Vacations Blog (For the most incredible holidays check out this vacation travel site)
Honeymoon Holidays (Wonderful holidays for the picture perfect honeymoon excursion)
Hot Spot Journal
 (Chronicling all of the best travel spots to explore rtw)
How To Travel With Pets (A great guide for travel around the world with your pet)

I’m Not Home (When you’re not at home you should be exploring the world)
Imperative Travel (For travel advice and tips that are truly imperative)
Indie Travel Podcast (A wonderful site run by Craig and Linda sharing podcasts on travel)
Inspiring to Travel  (Come check out this travel blog and we’re sure you’ll be left feeling inspired)
Insured For Travel (Travel tips for the first time traveller who need advice and guidance)
It’s Lovely Annie Travel Blog (This Annie is gorgeous and wants to share her life)

Journey Scout (A travel blog that features great travel tips, advice and more)

Ken Kaminesky Travel Photos (Ken’s travel photos are stunning HD masterpieces from rtw)

Life Cruiser (A down to earth travel site that focusses on travel abroad)
Little Yayas
 (The happiest family on the road.  The Little Yayas show you how)
Lost Intentions
 (Don’t be lost with your intentions.  This is great fun)
Low Cost RTW (RTW travel does not have to be expensive.  Low cost = wonderful)
Luxury Dream Escape (A travel blog focused on the finer things in life)
Luxury Travel Blog (For those who value the finer things in life.  This is pure luxury)

Man vs Clock (This man is on a mission to challenge himself while on the road.  What a guy)
Migrationology (Mark’s travel site is one of the top for culture and food information rtw)
Minimal World  (World travel can be broken down by minimal steps.  Check this out here)
My Spanish Adventure
 (Spain is a wonderful destination worth visiting.  Our Spanish life)
Muza Chan (Your best bet for great travel photos from Japan and other parts of the world)

New Travel Co (Travel news worth considering.  Have fun with the latest news on life)
News Traveller
 (The new traveller will inspire you to have your own rtw adventures)
NewYorkCityTravelThings.com (Tips and guides to help you figure out The Big Apple)
Nomadic Notes (Notes for the perpetual nomad.  This site has it all and then some)
Nomadic Photos (Photos from around the globe.  Nomads can rejoice over this stuff)
Nylon Flights (Fly as though you were nylon gliding in the air.  This is the site for you)

Off The Beaten Path Travel (Travel down the ordinary path is boring.  Get off the radar)
Only A Flight Away (When it comes to realizing your travel dreams you’re only a flight away)
Our Oyster
 (This is an inspiring rtw travel blog featuring amazing stories and photos)

Paramount Travel Blog (Travel around the world should be a high priority.  Paramount)        
Philippine Travel Forum (This forum is the best in terms of showing you how to travel)
Places For Tour (On your next trip or tour considering this great resource site for info)
Plane News (News about the latest in travels and taking planes.  Where to go and what to do)
Planit NZ (Resource to planning trips to or within New Zealand)
Photography Advice for Digital Nomads (Where to take the best travel photos and why)
Practical Adventurology (Consider what is important in life and then travel around the world)
Primo Travel (Incredible travel should be primo and interesting.  Most definitely this site is)
Project Hideaway (A luxury travel blog for the perfect getaway)

San Diego Food Blog (Visit San Diego for pleasure but don’t forget about all the wonderful food)
Secret Traveller (A travel blog that will leave you feel inspired and wanting to read more)
Seek Your Trip
 (Seek out the most amazing adventures on the road.  Travel.  Love life.  Repeat)
Senyorita Travel Blog – Travelogue written by Mica from the Philippines
Singapore Guide Online (Your guide to the most amazing attractions and events in this city)
Smiling Happy People
 (For the most happy faces come to this site for your daily dose) 
South America Tourist Attractions
  (For your best attractions in South America check it out)
Southwest Compass (Travel blog providing Southwest travelers great tips and information)  
Start To Run (Run around the world with nothing but adventures on your mind)     
Stranded Passengers (You’re only stranded when you feel that way in your head.  Escape)
Strange Lands (Journey with us from place to place, language to language, photo to photo)

Tech Guide For Travel (A guide that focusses on travel and technology to improve your trip)
The Euro Lifestyle (Hitting the road and finding your groove in Europe)
The Last Stop
 (The last stop on the way to success on the road is right here on this blog)
The Loaded Handbag (When the handbag is loaded and the times are good you’re here)
The Lost Backpack (Sometimes the backpack can get lost and your life can get interesting)
The Plane Hoppers (Travel inspiration and tips)
The Prague Wanderer (Don’t settle for anything less than this site covering Prague)
The Professional Hobo (She’s one of the most impressive digital nomads I know of.  Indeed)
The Road To Anywhere (Live free, love life, see the world)
The Travelers Blog (A travel blog featuring great travel tips, information, guides and more)
The Traveller World Guide (The world as seen through the eyes of the travel guide)
Thousand Lonely Places (The planet is full of wonderful places to explore.  Find out more here)
Tourism Picks (Tourism picks that will surely inspire you to travel with confidence)
Travel Across Europe (Travel across Europe for pleasure.  Stay for excitement)
Travel and Tourism Guide
 (Tour the world for fun with this comprehensive guide)
Travel Bay (Travel is not expensive.  Come down to the bay for the best budget tips)   
Travel Blog (This is a travel blog that will surely inspire you to create your own journeys)
Travel Blog Advice (Great ‘how to’ articles to improve your travel blog over time)
Travel Blog USA (Get the latest and greatest travel information to make your US trip special)
Travelbllgr (Jen and Ben are on a quest to travel the world and blog about it)
Travel City Breaks  (If you’re the type who loves to explore the city you’ll love what this site has to offer)
TravelFREAK  (Inspired stories for the curious traveler)
Travel Is On (Your around the world regional travel guide for the best travel destinations)
TraveLinkSites (Sometimes the best travel sites are linking to others.  This is the case here)
Travellistic (Travel Far, Travel Wide with Tim Moon)      
Travel Made Simple (Travel made simple is often done by chilling out, relaxing and stuff)
Travel Narrative (One of the best sites out there for compelling travel narrative and more)
Travel On Your Lonesome (Solo travel advice for solo female travellers)
Travel Sex Life (Travel, sex and life on the road.  What more could one want to hear about)
Travel Site and Travel Blog (This is a site that is both a travel site and travel blog)
Travel The Middle East (When travelling the Middle East you’ll want to refer to this blog)
Travel This Earth
 (Travel this earth for pleasure, fun and enjoyment.  You’ll repeat again)      
Travel Times Mag  (A lifestyle and travel magazine that is up to date with the times)
TravelVana (Travel around the world for pleasure.  Come back again for fun)
Travelwkly (Weekly travel advice for the first time traveller or seasoned veteran)
Traveling and Digging Art  (For the culture vulture who can’t get enough of travel and arts)
Travelling Cheaply (Spend less.  See more!)
Traveling in Focus (When your mind is focused on travel you’ll turn that dream trip into reality)
Traveling With Kids (Travel with kids all of the time.  They’ll thank you for it later on in life)
Travelling With Me (Come join Scott and follow his journeys by checking out his travel blog)
Trip Bloggers Central (A portal where travel and adventures converge)
TripHackr (Travel hacking one trip at a time with an emphasis on top notch travel tips)
True Travellers Society (A true travel society is one that is quick to hit the road all the time)

UK Travel Blog (A travel blog that focusses on travel in the UK to inspire others)
Under The Same Sun
 (Many travel things can be found under the sun.  This is the best way)
United States Tourist Attractions
 (When travelling to the United States be sure to check here)

Vacation Lifestyle (A lifestyle guide providing tips and advice for the best vacations out there)
Vegas Travel Source (Vegas is the most incredible place on earth.  Come find out why over here)
Villa Dream Vacations (Dream about staying in the best villas around the world and manifest it)
Visit Ilocandia – For travel to Ilocandia in the Philippines
Volunteer Leaders (Volunteer around the world with a sense of passion.  Lead with your heart)

Wandering Trader Travel Blog (This wandering trader offers great tips and advice for the road)
Will Peach
 (Mr. Peach is one solid lad.  He’ll make you laugh, cry and sulk all at the same time)     
Work Break Travel (Work breaks can open your eyes to a new set of values.  Explore that now)          
World Guide For Travelers (Travellers ought to travel the world and figure out life for the best)
World Leading Vacations (Leading world vacations from the best types of travellers out there)
World Travel Backpacking Guide (Your guide to backpacking around the world.  The best one)          
World Travel Inspiration  (An inspiring guide for traveling the world right now or soon)
World Wandering Kiwi (This Kiwi wants to show you the way.  Travel for the informed type)
Worldwide Travel Advice (Your first stop for global travel insights, advice and tips)

You vs the Globe (Take on the world and win)


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