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Dictation has been used in language testing for a long time, but its benefit in language teaching and learning has been questioned by some language teachers. As of now dictation seems to be going through reconstruction as useful teaching devices. Some people believe that dictation can help develop strong language skills, such as grammar, public […]

Students that have english as a second language are often at a clear disadvantage in a regular classroom. They may have difficulty following classroom instruction and find the local slang, dialect or lingo difficult to translate and understand. There are several methods that teachers can utilize to promote language interaction on a regular basis. One […]

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An MBA is a great addition to a person’s education portfolio. At the same time, it is a great idea to take courses in another country where a person can explore the world and learn at the same time. For this reason, a person should consider doing their MBA in London. English-speaking While it is […]

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These days, the process of learning a new language is considered valuable, fun and engaging activity. Obviously, there is an evident positive interaction between the students and teachers brought out by constant trainings for the teachers. On the other hand, students look forward to the activities during classes such as games, pronunciation practice sessions, quizzes […]

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There are many people who want to learn English as a second language nowadays. The immense popularity of ESL or English as a Second Language is attributed to the wide use of the language in an international level. Since the opening of many ESL schools inspired more students, we are also inspiring many ESL teachers […]

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Going into a new class first time can be intimidating and exiting for new teachers as well as experienced teachers. There are a lot of variables that you should take into account depending on your teaching experience and situation. Good planning will be essentially your friend. You will probably have hundreds of things going through […]

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Teaching ESL to young learners can be quite challenging for persons that are not well equipped with information on how to do it right. Let us look at some effective tips that will help you impact this knowledge to the young generation more conveniently and effectively. Class Control It is not easy to control a […]

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Teaching as a career is quite lucrative especially in countries that do not speak English as the first language. Although there always challenges that you will incur in the course of duty, the remuneration is worth a try. The top 3 countries to teach English in South America include: Chile This country offers excellent opportunities […]