Travel Tips

Sumatra - Indonesia - Samosir Island - Flickr CC marcveraart

If you find yourself teaching English somewhere in Asia, you’ve likely considered the possibility of backpacking across South East Asia at the end of your one year teaching contract. SE Asia is one of the most popular destinations for young backpackers, and what better way to unwind after a year of hard work than by […]

Becoming a travel writer by flickr By aka redcargurl

Working in a beautiful office is what many people strive for, but there are other people who would love to work around the globe. The truth is that working abroad and traveling very often is truly exciting and fun. There are many jobs you can take all around the world. If you want to find […]

Bed and Breakfast room by flickr user jenniferboyer

In this economic climate, most ESL teachers in the UK have to watch the pennies, and if you are lucky to be able to afford a holiday, it still pays to look for a bargain. If you can’t afford to fly abroad, look for good affordable holidays in the UK and Ireland. With a bit […]

Teaching English in Korea by flickr user usaghumphreys

Fluent speakers of the English language have an endless pool of job opportunities available to them, in various different Asian countries. While many people have ambitions to travel the world, it can often be expensive to travel for long periods of time. Working while you travel can provide an extra source of income, while enabling […]

Market in Purmamarca | Jujuy, Argentina

As a travel tip, there are many attractions in Argentina’s scenic north, perhaps one of the best known being the Hill of Seven Colours. Located in the sleepy town of Purmamarca, you can enjoy the colourful markets which sell everything from clay pottery to textiles, and later enjoy the sights which lie just behind the […]


While many of the teaching positions in Georgia may find you living in a rural setting, considering traveling to visit the capital of Tbilisi during your time there. Located on the banks of the Kura River, this city offers a rich history and rugged character in a part of the world that remains largely unexplored.


Taiwan is increasingly becoming a popular teaching destination in Asia.  As a travel suggestion, the city boasts some beautiful Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian temples scattered throughout the city, making it the perfect place to explore and become culturally immersed.


For teachers based in China, visiting Guilin in the southern part of the country is bound to be one of the many highlights of your time abroad. This area offers great travel opportunities to observe some stunning scenery with fields of green, ragged karsts, and low-rolling clouds which add to the magic of the place.