Teaching English in Laos – Interview with Annabel Candy


Where did you teach? In the People’s Democratic Republic of Lao What are the perks of teaching here? The people are just gorgeous, so friendly and even the capital, Vientianne is small and has a small town feel. Lao is also a very traditional country so you get to really experience life in another culture. […]

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Teaching English in Ulsan – Interview with Griffin Stewart

View of North Ulsan - Flickr CC hucker

Where did you teach? Ulsan, South Korea What are the perks of teaching here? We went away with so many unforgettable friendships. Plus, the pay is great. We were able to save for 1 year’s worth of travel in only about 11 months in Korea. Would you recommend teaching in this specific location? I highly […]

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Teaching ESL in the United States – Interview with Jenna Francisco

ESL students

Where did you teach? I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in the United States.  I actually got started teaching English in the Czech Republic 15 years ago.  After a year of teaching there, I came back to the U.S. and got a master’s degree in linguistics with a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers […]

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Teaching English in Hong Kong – Interview with Jonny Blair

Jonny Blair in Hong Kong

First things first – What is Hong Kong? Good question – it has its own currency, its own visa regulations, its own border and its own flag. In essence this is a country (and I personally class it as such), however it is also proudly Chinese, and both Cantonese and Mandarin are spoken here. Hong […]

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Teaching English in Kyoto – Interview with Lash World Tour

temple in Kyoto Japan

Where did you teach? I lived in Kyoto, Japan for six years while teaching in Kyoto and nearby Osaka. What are the perks of teaching here? Wow, sooo many! *  Japanese people are extremely polite, professional, respectful and honest. I really enjoyed working with all the staff, managers and even owners of the four schools […]

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The Top 3 Countries to Teach English in South America

Punta Arenas, Chile

Teaching as a career is quite lucrative especially in countries that do not speak English as the first language. Although there always challenges that you will incur in the course of duty, the remuneration is worth a try. The top 3 countries to teach English in South America include: Chile This country offers excellent opportunities […]

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Teaching in Heilbronn – Interview with Amanda Kendle

Bad Wimpfen in the snow

Where did you teach? I spent a couple of years teaching in Heilbronn, a city of 100,000 in south-west Germany. As I didn’t have a European passport it was tough to find a job in Germany but I was desperate to work there as I’d learned German since I was eight years old, and I […]

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Teaching English in Ethiopia: Interview with Family on Bikes


Where did you teach? My husband and I are both professional, certified teachers. For twelve years, we taught abroad in Egypt, Ethiopia, Taiwan, and Malaysia. For the purpose of this interview, I will talk about Ethiopia, as we were there for seven years. What are the perks of teaching here? Ethiopia is a fascinating country […]

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