South Korea

South Korea School by Flickr CC USAG- Humphreys

Teaching English is South Korea might not seem like something you would think would be in high demand, but the fact is that over 25,000 people each year are helping locals to learn the English language. Here are four reasons you should consider teaching English in South Korea. The South Korean Culture When you pack [...]

View of North Ulsan - Flickr CC hucker

Where did you teach? Ulsan, South Korea What are the perks of teaching here? We went away with so many unforgettable friendships. Plus, the pay is great. We were able to save for 1 year’s worth of travel in only about 11 months in Korea. Would you recommend teaching in this specific location? I highly [...]

Beopjusa temple, Songnisan National Park - Flickr CC yoshis_world

There are several places that you can visit in South Korea apart from the gems you find in Seoul. The Republic is blessed to have many museums, superb physical features, as well as many historical edifices. If you find yourself teaching English in South Korea for a year, you’ll likely want to spend some time [...]