Thailand is a truly memorizing country, offering a combination of culture, adventure, wildlife and relaxation. There are a few tips to consider though before you go, so you’re not faced with any surprises as their culture and style of living is somewhat different to ours.   Cover up when visiting the temples, palaces and monasteries. […]


Where did you teach? Chiang Mai, Thailand back in 2009. Do you have a funny memory from the classroom? My first day was equal parts funny and terrifying. My first class was year 1. My very first class on my very first day as a teacher. It was the kid’s first day at school. There […]

Sumatra - Indonesia - Samosir Island - Flickr CC marcveraart

If you find yourself teaching English somewhere in Asia, you’ve likely considered the possibility of backpacking across South East Asia at the end of your one year teaching contract. SE Asia is one of the most popular destinations for young backpackers, and what better way to unwind after a year of hard work than by […]