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There is not other region in the world more popular for teaching English as a second language than Asia.  The importance of learning English in a global economy coupled with a high population density in the region means jobs are plentiful.  Asia is definitely a teacher’s market and finding a job will not be difficult if you are qualified.

Some of the most popular countries in Asia for ESL teachers include South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.  You will notice below guides for each country (just click on them):

Teaching English and Travel in South Korea

Teaching English and Travel in China

Teaching English and Travel in Japan

Teaching English and Travel in Taiwan

Teaching English and Travel in Thailand


One of the best features about being based in Asia is the opportunity to travel both domestically (within the country you are based) and internationally (nearby countries in the region).  South East Asia offers the best value in terms of bang for your buck.

For those interested in enjoying more of a cultural experience Thailand and China rank highly.

The types of jobs one can find are varied. For a more detailed overview check out our ESL teaching jobs information section.

Taking the time to upgrade you educational credentials (degrees, TEFL, TESOL) will allow you to find better paying positions with the best working conditions.

For a lot of countries in Asia it’s easier to get hired being there already than it is trying to find a position from back home; however, there are exceptions, such as Korea, where you need to prepare your Visa from abroad.

Teaching English in Asia is a wonderful chance for you to experience another culture, travel around the region and save money for future endeavours.  We wish you the best of luck with everything!

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