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Castle of Chambord Loire Valley, France by flickr user setaou

Cities with elegant architecture, valleys laden with castles and monasteries, the proximity to other European nations. It’s easy to see why Europe is a popular destination for teachers. While teaching in Europe may seem like a hard-to-reach dream for many, with a little planning it can be turned into a reality.

Some popular countries to teach English in Europe include the Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Italy, and Spain. You will notice below guides for each country (just click on them):

Teach English and Travel in the Czech Republic 

Teach English and Travel in France

Teach English and Travel in Georgia

Teach English and Travel in Italy

Teach English and Travel in Spain

While many countries in Europe prefer to hire teachers who hold an EU passport (visa sponsorship can be tricky), not all hope is lost for the rest of us. Many countries in Europe have Working Holiday Visas for people under thirty. There are certain restrictions with these visas, which vary from country to country; some may not allow you to exceed a certain number of working hours per week, while others may not allow you to exceed a certain salary. Either way, this should be just enough to allow you to teach English at an academy part time. Other options to consider include government sponsored cultural exchanges and volunteer teaching opportunities.

One of the added bonuses of teaching in Europe is the proximity to neighboring countries. With cheap airline carriers and train options available, you will be spending many of your weekends hearing new languages, trying new foods, and exploring new countries. 

As always, the types of jobs one can find teaching ESL are varied. For a more detailed overview check out our ESL teaching jobs information section.

Taking the time to upgrade you educational credentials (degrees, TEFL, TESOL) will allow you to find better paying positions with the best working conditions.

Now it’s just time to narrow down your choices and see where the road takes you!

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