Teach English in Latin America

The lady and the llama in Cuzco, photo by flickr user NomadicSamuel

Latin America offers a wealth of opportunities for teachers looking to work abroad. With economies that are increasingly growing and becoming more globalized, people are now wanting to learn English more than ever.

Some popular countries to teach English in Latin America include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru. You will notice below guides for each country (just click on them):

Teach English and Travel in Argentina

Teach English and Travel in Brazil

Teach English and Travel in Chile

Teach English and Travel in Colombia

Teach English and Travel in Ecuador

Teach English and Travel in Mexico

Teach English and Travel in Peru

Unlike teaching positions in other parts of the world, which may require you to have a focused degree and prior teaching experience, in Latin America this isn’t the case. Most countries simply want a native speaker of English who has completed a minimum of a high school degree. Though a Bachelor’s degree and TESL/TESOL certificate will give you an added advantage, these aren’t always necessary. (You will find this is the case with many language academies, but this won’t hold true for private and international schools which have higher standards.)

The types of jobs one can find are varied. For a more detailed overview check out our ESL teaching jobs information section.

One of the added bonuses of teaching in Latin America are the travel opportunities both regionally and internationally. All of the countries listed in this guide are not only ESL hot spots, but they also offer stunning landscapes and a rich cultural history marked with ancient temples, impressive museums, and stunning art galleries. For example Argentina, Argentina’s capital is Buenos Aires a city known for its European style architecture and highest concentration of theaters in the world. You can be certain that you will have ample opportunity to explore the country you choose to call your temporary home. You can also expect to travel to neighboring countries quite affordably through the use of regional airlines and overnight coach buses.

Often times the best way to obtain a teaching position in Latin America is to do so once you are in the country. Latin America has a very social and personable culture, and for this reason many employers prefer to meet the potential candidate in person. Teaching positions can certainly be secured from abroad, but finding a position in the country gives you the opportunity to shop around and choose a school that you will be happy working for.

Teaching in Latin America is sure to be a culturally rich experience, which will also help you develop your teaching skills.

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