Teach English in Argentina

Introduction to the country

With its European charm, mouthwatering cuisine, and late night lifestyle, Argentina is the perfect destination to work and play. This vibrant capital is home to many expats so you’ll never feel alone.

This is a travel photo from Argentina related to teaching English (ESL) overseas.

Main attractions

Stretching 3500 kilometers from the arid north to the frozen ends of the earth better known as Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire), Argentina offers a plethora of environments to explore.

Start your journey in the nation’s capital of Buenos Aires where you can learn to dance tango and feast on meat to your heart’s content. Iguazu Falls lies in the northeastern province of Misiones, which shares a border with Brazil. Off to the north, the provinces of Salta and Jujuy offer breathtaking landscapes with earth in every colour of the spectrum. Mendoza is the place to drink wine and take in the Andes. And lastly, for the brave souls willing to journey to one of the world’s most remote locations, there is Tierra de Fuego, which can be used as a jumping point to Antarctica.

Monthly salary

$1,200 – 4,200 ARS ($270 – 1,000 USD)

$1 USD = 4.40 ARS

This is a travel photo from Argentina related to teaching English (ESL) overseas.

Working conditions

Jobs are best obtained once in the country.

Airfare, accommodations and health care are rarely included.

Teaching hours are 10 and 25 a week.

Income tax is 9 – 23 percent.

The ability to save is not very high, but you’ll be able to live well if you keep a full teaching schedule.

Visa and Education Requirements

Though it is possible to obtain work with a high school diploma and a TESL certificate, a university degree is preferred. A visa is required to teach in Argentina but most teachers work on a visitor’s visa and simply leave the country and reenter every 3 months.

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