Using Dictation for Reading Comprehension

Dictation has been used in language testing for a long time, but its benefit in language teaching and learning has been questioned by some language teachers. As of now dictation seems to be going through reconstruction as useful teaching devices. Some people believe that dictation can help develop strong language skills, such as grammar, public speaking, and ESL classes.

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Its advantages are numerous. The most common are that dictation can help students to diagnose and correct grammatical mistakes, and ensure attentive listening and help students learn correct pronunciation. It also helps learning punctuation and develops listening comprehension.

The potential problems that need to be addressed in dictation are the increased ability to notice the language that are sometimes overlooked, as well as mistakes which they commonly make such as spelling errors, present tense, and formal third person writing. It’s a good idea for teachers to help students with understanding vocabulary before starting a new dictation.

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To conclude, dictation is a useful method when trying to develop the level of reading comprehension in the ESL classroom, however, it needs to be paired with various techniques so that students get a more well-rounded learning experience.

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